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Posted by Paul at February 21st, 2013

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Posted by Paul at January 29th, 2013

It says something about Richard Thompson that the most beautiful and heartfelt song on his new album is called “My Enemy”. Lyrically he has few peers, but on his new album Electric he puts his plunky string bending guitar in overdrive. The sound is immediate and raw, not too far off from the live sound of his previous album Dream Attic , but more stripped down. “Stony Ground” opens the album with a rousing stomp part Celtic melody, part Hendrix. “Sally B” sounds like a blues power trio at the height of their powers. His now obligatory socially-conscious track “Stuck on the Treadmill” rocks hard and lean. And of course there’s gut-wrenching romantic disillusionment elegantly played with “Another Small Thing in her Favour”. All with his loose cannon guitar work front and center. He adds a haunting acoustic track, “Snow Goose” with Alison Krauss harmonizing, just because he can. Thompson was in his 30s when I discovered him, a British transplant, already with a long career under his belt. Now in his 60s, he remains on the cutting ege while still being roots-based and lyrically clever, no small feats.

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Blues Throwdown

Posted by Paul at January 5th, 2013

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Tech Loop

Posted by Paul at December 22nd, 2012


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I Walked on the Moon

Posted by Paul at December 12th, 2012

Brian Regan - I Walked on the Moon from David Zoffer on Vimeo.

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More Bill

Posted by Paul at December 7th, 2012

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Bill Withers

Posted by Paul at December 7th, 2012

Bill Withers from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

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Things I realized after watching Fox news for 5 minutes

Posted by Paul at May 1st, 2012

The president is spending my money. Even though I’m giving him the same amount I gave him under Bush, he’s spending even more of it. And not just on defense contractors or oil and pharmaceutical companies, on poor people.

More Americans are on food stamps than under any president in history. He encourages them, I think. Being elected a month after the economy collapsed sure has gone to his head. Which brings me to another thought.

If the Osama bin Laden killing happened on their watch, Bush and McCain would never mention it in their political speeches and commercials. Such grandstanding would be ’spiking the footaball’, it’s unseemly. It would be like wearing a flight suit to land on a aircraft carrier in San Diego harbor with a Mission Accomplished banner, five years before the mission was actually accomplished by someone else. Well not that bad, but something like that.

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Grasping The Flintstones

Posted by Paul at March 9th, 2012

Every character’s surname has some sort of geological connotation. For example: Mr. Flintstone, Mrs. Rubble, Mr. Slate, Mr. Rocks-on-Rocks. For employment, Fred Flintstone sits on the head of a brontosaurus and rides it like a horse with a giant set of reins, forcing it to break rocks in a quarry. When the whistle blows, or more accurately when a prehistoric bird’s tail is pulled and it screeches, Mr. Flintstone slides down the neck of the brontosaurus to his car. Instead of four wheels, the car has two giant cylindrical stones, one in front, one in back. Mr. Flintstone, who has super-strength like the other drivers, powers his car with his own feet.

Like the bird and the brontosaurus at the quarry, every animal serves a singular function. A baby mammoth vacuums the rug with its nose, a pelican’s mouth is a waste basket. Sometimes they complain about their jobs by speaking directly to the audience. A young brontosaurus escapes single-function servitude as the family pet, but doesn’t speak. Maybe because he has nothing to complain about.

Let’s put aside super-strong humans and dinosaurs co-existing, and other anachronistic depictions of everyday life. Much stranger things are in store: the Honeymooner-esque plots go adrift when a diminutive green Martian only Mr. Flintstone and Mr. Rubble can see pops in. Yes, the end is near.

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Mitt Romney’s America

Posted by Paul at January 21st, 2012

 We’re all just living in it…

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